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Dark Days in the Land of Enchantment.

Aces High: New Mexico is now available from the Chaosium website in PDF and Hardcopy

AH:NM describes New Mexico, its denizens, creatures, mythology and geology.
Meet the Kachina, powerful spirits of the Pueblo tribes.
6 New Mundane Animals with 20 sub species.
2 New mythical creatures.
3 New Occupations.
Incident at Alice scenario that leads the players into the mountains,
delves into ancient mysteries and uncovers recent horrors.




Aces High is a mythical, western role-playing game.

Customized Character Creation to help you quickly generate an Aces High BRP character
Updated character sheet that only includes what you need.
Extraordinary Abilities, Disabilities, Phobias, Dependencies and Psychoses.
Rules for Hanging and Lynching
17 Mundane Animals, including 5 types of horse
26 Otherworld beings, many based on American Indian mythology
50 New Magical Powers
18 new skills
6 new spot rules
Over 40 Occupations from both sides of the Law, for slaves, Women and Chinese player characters

Be a Lawman, a Hired Killer or a Shaolin Monk!

Aces High is available from the Chaosium website both as a PDF and Printed Book.


BRP Adventures

BRP ADVENTURES presents thirteen adventures for the Basic Roleplaying system. These are drawn from the submissions for the first Basic Roleplaying Adventure Contest. Organized by genre, these stories illustrate the versatility of BRP and its adaptability to different kinds of storytelling.

I submitted a scenario called 'The Black Book'. This scenario was based heavily on the first play test scenario that I ran for Aces High. The maps for this scenario are available from this websites Downloads page.

BRP Adventures is available from the Chaosium website as a PDF and a Printed Book.