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30/12/2014 Was lead to this today and have begun to consider tieing Native powers to hair length...
26/11/2014 Just found this http://www.hogislandpress.com/product/monster-map A Crypto map of America, could have used this years ago!
10/12/2013 Just found this... www.gunsofshadowvalley.com check it out!
08/12/2013 There's a new review here. And it's worth tracking down!
02/12/2013 www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-25119865

N-Gen has had a couple of small cosmetic updates for the printed output.
Hopi Mask Controversy http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-22126690

07/11/2012 The New Review section has been added. Don't know what a mythical western is?
Hopefully this new section will give you some ideas...













Aces High:New Mexico hard Copy is due out on the 31st July.

Aces High: New Mexico is available from Chaosiums website in pdf!

I've updated N-Gen to include a more complete character generator too...

I've updated N-Gen to include Cowboys, Cowgirls and Native Americans!

In preparation for the New Mexico supplement N-Gen has arrived!

New Mexico 1875 players map, now available for download Here!

Aces High: New Mexico, including the scenario Incident at Alice has been submitted to Chaosium.

'Incident at Alice' is coming...

'Aces High - Extraordinary People - The James Younger Gang' now available for download Here!

Aces High (and other fine Chaosium products) are now available from RPGDriveThru and RPGNow

Aces High Character sheets are now available for download here

AcesHighRPG.co.uk goes live!

30/09/2009 AcesHighRPG.co.uk purchased
01/08/2009 Work begins on a downloadable freebie...
06/07/2009 RPGNet reviewed Aces High here, its pretty positive!
06/04/2009 Maps for the The Black Book now available in Downloads section
05/04/2009 BRP Adventures is now available as a Printed Book
04/04/2009 Work begins on this website
Feb 2009 Aces High now available from Chaosium released as pdf and print
  BRP Adventures now available from Chaosium